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Thermographic Imaging


Pain-free & Radiation-free Diagnostic Imaging

If you've been looking for an alternative diagnostic tool that uses NO harmful radiation, you've come to the right place!

Thermography utilizes digital infrared imaging to identify inflammation, neural, muscular, skeletal, and vascular abnormalities or dysfunction within the body. With the use of highly sensitive software and an FDA-approved camera designed to detect heat emitted from the skin’s surface, photographic images are translated into an array of colors which represent varying levels of heat, or absence of heat. The resulting scans tell the story of an individual’s physiology and potential pathology. The process is non-invasive: involves no direct skin contact, no radiation exposure, or compression of tissue. Click on Find Out More below!

Full body thermography radiation-free painless alternative diagnostic test cancer disease injury

How Is Thermography Different?

Thermography is a supplemental or adjunct diagnostic tool used in evaluating, diagnosing and monitoring a host of diseases, injuries, and conditions. Unlike ultrasound and mammography which provide structural or anatomical images, thermography provides color snapshots of physiology or function. For example, ultrasound and mammography cannot detect inflammation, but rather the results or effects of inflammation. It is widely known that inflammation is at the root of most disease and thermography readily identifies those areas where inflammation is present. A series of thermographic scans can provide you and your healthcare practitioner with valuable information in managing your specific health concerns. 

Thermal imaging breast scan series no radiation breast cancer fibrocystic dense breast tissue

You Are Unique

Just as each person's fingerprints are unique to them, the same is true for each individual's thermal patterns. And, these patterns typically remain constant throughout a person's lifetime. Over time, scans that reveal different patterns for an individual can aid in identifying disease and dysfunction. This series of breast scans to the left were performed over a period of 12 months and provide a visualization of increasing asymmetry of the right breast. Surgical findings confirmed a malignant carcinoma.